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What is Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing strategy is a term used to describe a set of marketing strategies focused on creating innovative and relevant content and distributing it to your target audience. Think about Page Content, Social Media Content, Blogs, Ebooks, Webinars..

Wait, isn’t that Digital Marketing Strategy?

We see the confusion, but it’s not.

Content Marketing is finding the right tone of voice for addressing your target audience, it is that unique voice that will present your vision to the most eye catching and interesting way. It is something more that will ensure your customers keep coming back.

Digital Marketing Strategy, on the other hand, is finding the right tools that will transmit that message to the maximum number of people. Its Google AdWords, Google Analytics, SEO..

Content Marketing you say?

It sounds simple - create something that will evoke emotion and attract new customers. Anyone can do it.. Or?

What you write and how you write it sets the tone for your future relationship with your client. Make one mistake, send the wrong message once and you just can feel the consequences long after. It is very hard to change something once it is online.

How to create relevant content that transmits the message you are trying to send?

First, you have to know your audience. Who are the people who are most likely to be attracted to your business. How to approach them? What is your competition doing?

Here at Nivago the first step is always market research. This way we make sure to know all the stats before creating a unique content strategy for your business. We are devoted to finding the perfect audience for you and tailor content to their needs. That is why market research is always our first step.

More than half of consumers said they are more likely to shop if provided with good personalized experience. That is why our copywriters are creative, imaginative and know how to communicate online.

We’ve covered a large number of topics so far, from the medical industry, sports and travel to tourism, from multinational companies to local little business. We’ve seen it all and know how to talk to a specific audience. We combine data analysis with our 15 years old experience to really understand what your audience need.

Ok, I understand - perfectly created and optimized content is crucial. Let’s say I have it, what is the next step?

It is more than just creating eye-catching content, it’s about distributing it through all the right channels. Do you know the difference between Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

Do you know what type of content is suitable for which network? When is the right time to post something somewhere? We do and are very happy to share our experience with you! That is why our Social Media Marketing experts are here for you for any of your inquiries.

How will I know how my efforts are doing in an online world?

Transparency is very important to us. We want to help you understand what was done and what areas we need to improve.
It’s precisely because of that we send each and every one of our customer detailed report at the end of the month.
With this report you will understand how are your online efforts doing and what are our next steps.

Are you ready to begin? Let's start working.