SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Give your business the opportunity to stand out.

Having a website that doesn’t appear in the first 10 results on a search engine results is like having a store nobody knows about. This is why SEO is perfect in generating free, organic traffic to your website and can help you reach the customers that are looking for exactly what you have to offer.

The wide range of possibilities offered by search engine optimization, allows every business to be ahead of their competition, and all that for free.

The rankings that are achieved with SEO are free and natural, and once you get to your wanted position, there is no moving backward. However, in order to achieve that you’ll need help and advice from SEO specialists. They will create and run the efficient SEO strategy for you. We will optimize titles, URLs and description for all pages.

The main goal and focus of SEO comes from the name itself. We are experts in optimizing websites with a high-quality content and SEO optimization. That means that we know all the rules, factors and formulas that need to be made both on and off your page to bring your website to the top of the search engine results. If you are not convinced about the value and necessity of search engine optimization, let us present to you some of the most important advantages and long term effects of a good SEO:

  • Number one position on search engines
  • Outranking your competition
  • Reaching unimaginable number of visitors from around the world for free
  • Growth of website traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • High conversion potential


What are the essential steps of SEO optimization process?

Being number one on Google is a long term process that requires numerous different steps. In Nivago everything starts with a first meeting. This is where we learn about you your business goals. According to your goals and wishes, we create a unique and personalized optimization strategy that will fit you perfectly.

Basic SEO steps:

  • determination of main goals
  • analysis of websites and competition
  • keyword selection
  • creating SEO strategy + activity and content marketing plan
  • implementing strategy and adjusting all website elements
  • producing and sending monthly reports
  • achieving optimum position on search engines

Why Nivago?

Thanks to many years of our experience working in the field of internet marketing, we are proud of our extraordinary results and high ranking positions in multilingual search engines. Except from our constant success in all internet marketing services, we are characterized by our great ambition and a constant search for new, better and more successful solutions. In our agency impossible doesn’t exist, we only go for creative, productive and successful.

We are your secret weapon to increase the profitability of your business!

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