Acquire new customers or retain your old ones.

It’s no secret that people will preferably buy from companies they trust, especially brands with whom they consider themselves to have a relationship with. Email marketing is perfect to build and maintain a relationship.

If your business is looking to improve brand awareness, build loyalty, or promote new or existing products and services, email marketing could be just the solution. Email marketing, or Newsletter marketing, is a highly popular, cost effective and highly successful marketing channel. It’s perfect for building loyalty and maintaining relationships.

A successful Newsletter campaign requires effective planning, emails segmentation and management, attractive template design, coding, copywriting, and applied conversion tactics to increase open rates and click-through rates.

We will listen to your marketing goals, make a research and present you with concrete ideas. Then we will create a design for your newsletter and optimize the content. We will also send and monitor the Newsletter, and provide you with comprehensive information about the success of your campaign so far, from how many recipients have opened the email through to details on those who’ve clicked a link and land to your website.

Why is it important to have a Newsletter Marketing?

Customers love brand stories and selling through stories is effective.

This is because presenting your brand leaves them with a feeling that they know you and that makes you seem more trustworthy.

Customers LOVE personalisation.

They will pay more for personalized products. Treat your customer as unique as they are, whenever possible.

Follow-ups ensure they will come back.

If you take care of them once they’ve made their purchase, you’ve just gained yourself a client for life.

Why should you let us manage your email marketing campaigns?

You’ll have a team of online marketing professionals ready to help you manage all aspects of your Newsletter campaigns. Our templates combine elements of visual design and technical savvy to maximize your ROI.

Did you know that, if Newsletter isn’t designed by the rules, you can end up in the Junk folder and your website can even be banned. Spam Traps, algorithmic filters, bounce handling, blacklists – there are many ways to ensure your email passes, and we are expert in every one of them.

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