Understand your specific buyer journey - tell, don’t sell.

Digital Marketing Strategy is a broad term that describes various techniques used to build your brand’s online presence. Here at Nivago we will help you create your digital signature by combining various techniques, tailoring approach to meet your specific needs.

Why is it important to have a strong online visibility?

We live in a Digital area and not being present on the Internet is the same as not existing. You may think we are over exaggerating, but we are not. Yes, good word travels fast and if you have an excellent quality service then yes, people will eventually learn about your business. But let’s say you’ve gotten a recommendation from a friend. The first thing you are going to do?

Research the Internet and collect all the necessary information about the company. Competition is strong and you’re not going to go with the first company that shows up in the search results. You are going to visit their official page, see if they offer something that might suit you, maybe read a couple of reviews and then make your decision. This is why it’s important to have the perfect online presence. If your Web page is outdated, nonfunctional and if your Content is poorly written then people will make an impression that this the way you do business in general.

Why is it important to have a strong online visibility?

1. Customer Communication

Your Web Page and Facebook page are usually the first impression people make about you. If they are not impeccable, customers simply won’t trust you. Outdated Content, a Web Page that is not easy to navigate through and that shows at the bottom of the search result are the most common mistakes.

Your relationship with the customer shouldn’t end after they’ve finished their purchase. A strong customer communication plan can help you build a long lasting Brand and spread the word about your business. In the end, this means building your image as a trustworthy and reliable partner.

How to achieve great customers’ experience?

There are definitely a couple of things you should bear in mind when talking to your customers. Did you know that customers value “good” even more than “fast” service? Or that customers are more likely to continue with your loyalty programs if you get them started? Building trust and connecting with your customers is essential in keeping your business ahead of the competition. The easiest way to achieve this? Newsletter and Email marketing.

2. Picking the right tools

Once we’ve heard your goals and wishes, we are going to suggest you the best strategy in order to achieve it. Weather is Google AdWords, SEO Optimisation, presence on Social Media or Newsletter Marketing and Web Optimisation. Each tool serves its own purpose. This is what we mean when we say there are no one-size-fits-all concept, our concrete actions depend on your goals.

3. Content Quality

Content Creation is one of the most effective marketing tools available right now. It is all about creating digital pieces that are highly valuable, relevant and useful to your target market. Content Creation is essential in increasing brand awareness, drive organic traffic and ultimately, acquire new customers.

How to keep track of your efforts?

Two words: Google Analytics

Living in an era of Big Data it is more important than ever to know how your online efforts are performing and what you can do to make them perform even better. Basically, we all want to achieve maximum ROI and ROMI.

Don’t know what those stand for? Don’t worry, we do.

It is not enough to know that you are driving traffic to your website but the quality of your audience just as important. Metrics such as numbers of visits, bounce and exit rates, time spent on site, the customer clicks through analysis and conversion data will enable you to assess activities critically and compare the performance of different marketing campaigns. By generating detailed analysis on your audience, you can take actions that will help you to achieve the aims of your business. This is where Google Analytics steps in.

At every stage of the customer journey, from initial contact to conversion, analytics can help you measure and understand what is going on. It will alert you to potential issues and help focus on areas that need improvement.

We will dive deep into your website data. We use analytics to track the traffic on your site, measure success, identify issues and new opportunities for you to reach your customers. Every action comes down to the numbers.

We'll take the time to understand your online objectives and ensure that reporting is aligned with your business goals.

What are we going to do for you?

  • Opening and setting up tools and applications for analysis
  • Open and set up a Google Analytics account
  • Generating and placing the tracking code to your website
  • Setting goals that you specify
  • Daily traffic monitoring
  • The analysis and metrics of all indicators of traffic and activity sites
  • Measuring achievement of goals
  • Generation of reports
  • View the profiles of website visitors and advertising guidelines
  • Technical support

Why us?

We will help you present your vision in the best way possible using the right tools. It is important to us that you understand which statistics are relevant to your business and show what can you do with that information. The hard part is not to collect all the data, but to choose the ones relevant to you and interpret them in a right way. Tell us what your goals and wishes are, and we will collect all the right information and make a plan that will work best for you.

Are you ready to begin? Let's start working.