Do you have 60 minutes to turn your competition's marketing into your own?

You’re lucky if you don’t have any competition. Then this article is not for you and you can continue to browse the internet freely. If not, stick with us and we’ll share a little secret.

Most of the business we know are trying to stay ahead of the competition and win that never-ending battle for customers. What if we told you that we know a way to be better than them and all it would take you is 60 minutes, little enthusiasm and Google AdWords?

Let’s say that your competition has placed a jumbo billboard on a very noticeable place in the city centre. Just to make things a bit more concrete, imagine we are talking about two Pharmacies, yours and your competitors’. Both of you are trying to sell the newest product for weight loss - green coffee beans. The competition’s’ billboard is seen by thousand and thousand of people every day and it’s proven to be a very smart marketing move. The people are interested in the product and what is their next move? They’ll probably go home and google "green coffee beans” or "where to buy green coffee beans” or maybe even "green coffee beans price”.

Ready, steady... here comes that 60 minutes part;

Now is the time to fetch all the possible customers. Google AdWords lets you place your Ad far above all the other search results. Or, in our example, if a person searches for "green coffee beans” it will show your ad above all the other results. This way you’ve turned all the competitor’s marketing efforts into your own. They’ve done all the heavy lifting - they’ve raised the awareness about the product and created a desire to buy it. For you, this was free advertising.

This works both ways - if you’ve decided to invest a lot of your means into branding and advertising, don’t let the competition profit from it. Rest assured that, once you’ve created the interest in the product you’re selling, buyers are going to look you up. And they will search on the Internet.

You are investing all of your marketing efforts into attracting the customers. Once they are interested in what you are selling, they will look for you. And precisely there we can see the importance of Digital Marketing, or Google AdWords, which lets you be visible to consumers that are ready to buy.

Are you ready to begin? Let's start working.