Remarketing, our dearest remarketing...

Have you ever heard of Remarketing? It is a very powerful marketing option aimed at showing your ad to only those users that have shown interest in what you have to offer. This means that your ads are visible to users that have visited your page in the past. Using this option, you are given the chance to communicate with your customers in a completely different way.

We all like to explore the competition before buying a certain product. The same goes with your customers - after they’ve visited your web shop, they are probably going to visit your competition as well. It is highly unlikely that people are going to buy the first product they see without further research and comparison.

Remarketing enables you to show your ad to a specific type of customer: maybe you want to target people who have already visited your page, or maybe those customers that have putten a product in the shopping basket but ended up buying nothing. Or maybe those customers that looked at a specific brand... The possibilities are endless.

For some reason those customers decided to leave your web shop or your page. Maybe all they need is a little encouragement and they will end up buying your product. What do we mean by "encouragement”? You can offer them a 5% discount if they decide to buy in a certain time period. Or 20% discount if they buy two products. The possibilities are endless and all you need is a little imagination to attract your customers.

Here's another example: let’s imagine you have a web shop offering different brands of runners. Using Google Analytics you detect that more than 80% of people browse through your web page, but end up leaving your site. Now is the perfect opportunity for remarketing. Wouldn't it be nice to offer those people a free delivery? Or maybe 10% off to all of the people that didn't proceed to checkout? 
Trust us, once you try remarketing, you are going to wonder how in the world you ever lived without it. ;)


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