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Each client is unique and our digital strategy is always a highly personalized experience. It doesn't matter if you are an internationally recognized company with an established brand or a start up taking its first, baby steps. We truly believe there is no one-size-fits-all concept and we want to help you create your digital signature.


Gain loyalty and get to know your audience. Stand out in a marketplace and create loyal customers. Remember, good words travel fast.


Having your web site professionally created and maintained ensures people will spend time on your site and and trust your product’s high integrity.


Bring your page at the top of the search engine result and reach a high number of visitors. The higher you rank is, more more money is earned.

Certified google partner

Google AdWords advertising?

Google partner?

Core Features

What does the ideal package looks like?

Web Design

No website no fun - and we can make sure that your page attractive, functional and up to date.

AdWords Advertising

What do you say about advertising exclusively to customers who are looking for what you have to offer?


Achieve the highest posible position on the search engine. 87% of users only visit the top three pages of the search results.

Social Networks

This is definitely a time of social networks. Your customers are there, and you should be as well!

Email Marketing

One of the best ways to create customer loyalty. Your marketing message arrives in person!

Web Analytics

Familiar with return of investment? If not, then you are in the dark. Who are your customers, what are they looking, buying... We know it all.

Does Social Media Influence SEO Results?

The main question on everyone's mind is – are social media results a ranking factor. In other words, does our performance on a social network influence our position in search results?

Why has My Website Been Penalized!? All You Need to Know About Google Penalties

Your website suddenly disappeared from search results or the traffic to the website shows a sharp decline? Here we'll try to explain how to determine the problem and how to approach it. It's important to distinguish between two big reasons why a website dropped in results: an algorithm update and manual penalties.

Do you have 60 minutes to turn your competition's marketing into your own?

You’re lucky if you don’t have any competition. Then this article is not for you and you can continue to browse the internet freely. If not, stick with us and we’ll share a little secret.

Remarketing, our dearest remarketing...

Have you ever heard of Remarketing? It is a very powerful marketing option aimed at showing your ad to only those users that have shown interest in what you have to offer.



Their motto - "we create digital experience" is truly justified. They created our Web Site and are currently managing our Digital Advertising. Best group of people for any of your digital needs!

If you choose Nivago, you will not regret it. Effective and very talented team. They created our Web page and are currently managing our Advertising.

Digital Agency Nivago created for us a web page, web shop and is currently working on SEO optimization and Digital Advertising. We highly recommend this vibrant and capable agency!

Would highly recommend this agency. Very capable and full of creative ideas. They did our Web Page and are managing our Digital Advertising. More than happy with the results!

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