New Facebook advertising costs - and one secret tip on how to lower it down

"The minimum amount for Facebook advertising is 5 € per day! And yesterday was only 1€!”

- I can hear shouts of panic from a lady in the nearby travel agency. Ms. Tront independently launched a Facebook campaign, and like most advertisers was surprised to notice that things have changed.

Mathematically speaking (we use numbers because everybody loves numbers): before this change, you had to invest the minimum of 10 € for 10 days, and now you have to invest a minimum of € 50 for 10 days. You don’t have to be Albert Einstein to notice that the difference is huge, especially when it comes to larger amounts.

The truth is that Facebook made an unpleasant decision on the change of collection and introduced a € 5 minimum daily budget. But, do not despair, there is a way to keep your costs the same as before - € 1 a day.

In order to better understand the new opportunities that you have at your disposal, the most important thing is to understand what has changed in the core of Facebook advertising. This will enable you to create a successful Facebook campaign.

So, what's new in your advertising on Facebook?

1. According to Facebook: "What you choose to optimize for is no longer tied to what you get charged for." What this means is that you should set a defined advertising goal, price and when will you be charged for your add (when the add is clicked on or when it’s displayed).

You can set up advertising in a way that it is optimized for conversion to the website, at a cost per click that will automatically be set up a Facebook.

2. Now let’s look at something that is also different: "The way that the clicks are measured has changed for some objectives." What this means is that now you have the possibility to specify a payment option - you can be charged for just the clicks on the links in the ad that will lead visitors to the Facebook website. All other clicks on the add, such as Like, Share or clicking the Facebook page itself, will not be charged.

I get it, but how can this information help me lower my advertising costs?

Previously, the default unit of measurement was the impression - now, that has changed to click on the link (link click, CPC). The simplest way to cut the coast down is to restore the default setting on the charge per impression as to enable the advertiser to set minimum daily amount of € 1 to advertise your site.

As for the "Boost", a minimum daily budget has not changed and he still is 1 €.

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